While re-designing their website, MIN Energy employed me to edit and rewrite their existing copy for greater clarity. As the website was extremely content-heavy, coming in at over 5,000 words, this was​ a job that required patience and understanding of an unfamiliar industry (mining). 

After editing and re-writing the word count was reduced by a third, and the content was all the better for it. MIN's website stood out among a range of other mining website with dreary and uninspiring copy due to my powerful and compelling content. ​

MIN's website has not yet updated its content, so I have provided examples from the website copy below. 

What is MIN energy?

MIN energy is a developing oil and gas explorer, specializing in the commercialization of oil and gas resource opportunities. MIN energy has the high quality staff and technology needed to provide the world with energy now and in the future. The team at MIN energy are skilled in locating and commercializing new oil and gas fields, while focusing on sustainability and profitability. MIN personnel also act with professionalism and confidentiality in all their interactions with clients, investors, associates, and partners.

As a result of the high skill level of the MIN staff and the innovative technology they employ, MIN energy is at the opportunity forefront in today's high-risk oil and gas environment. To be a part of this exciting new organization, engage with MIN energy to maximize profit for your investment.

John A. Quayle - Managing Director​

John has over 40 years of corporate business and international management experience. As a qualified commercial lawyer, John has in-depth experience with corporate law in oil and gas project financing, corporate advice, and corporate governance in the oil & gas sector, all of which is a valued asset for MIN energy.

John’s extensive international business experience in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines has included the negotiation, structuring and operation of corporate ventures. His business and multicultural experience play a major role in his ability to advise and deliver on international oil and gas projects.

Working with Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed oil and gas companies, John assisted with the development of their assets, the expansion of the company’s workforce, and instigated and negotiated new joint ventures. He was also instrumental in initial concept plans, negotiations, and documentation structure for a large gas sale agreement with a Chinese Government entity for Icon Energy Limited, a public listed ASX company. Guiding public companies’ projects towards commercialization has been one of John’s major roles in the past.

After witnessing the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia, he foundered the Indonesian Rainforest Foundation. He firmly believes that the oil, gas and mining sectors can work hand in hand to protect our fragile environment.

Seismic Acquisition

MIN energy will engage a professional seismic services provider that delivers a fully integrated service to the oil and gas exploration industries. Potential seismic operators have been shortlisted to discuss MIN energy’s program.

Seismic Reflection Acquisition Overview

MIN energy will look to engage the services of a Seismic Provider with field experience throughout the Asia Pacific region and who has an integrated acquisition service specifically tailored for MIN energy.

MIN energy envisage an integrated survey design that considers not only the geophysical requirements, but also logistical, climatic, environmental and safety issues.

MIN energy will be engaging with a company that employs survey design, drilling, data acquisition (3D, 2D, and multi-component), data processing and interpretation. The company would also need the ability to configure a specialized acquisition service to suit the local Area 12."